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    Gap & Old Navy Returns
    First off, this is not your usual reversal complaint. Because this merchants, gap & old navy, are not supposed adjust commission for returns and cancellations, because the deduction is already built-in the commission structure. Explanation below.

    Gap & Old Navy advertise that they pay 5% on sales. But, they actually pay 4% -- they calculate 20% of total sales will either will cancelled, returned or reversed, thus the automatic reduction of commission. That's what I mean by "built-in reversal" deduction. I am ok with that, in fact, I have been ok with that for 2,5 years. And this is, umm, was, in ther Affiliate Agreement.

    But now, they started reporting returns and cancel comissions on them, which is a double play. I have not received any communication from them regarding any change in this matter. What's funnier is, their Affilaite Agreement link at BeFree goes to their homepage, beause there is no longer an affiliate agreement page. Conveniently? I think so.

    Can anybody from CJ/BeFree can explain us what's going on?

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    Talk about a complete disconnect from the needs of their affiliates.
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    Wasn't The Gap supposed to be closing their online store? Could be part of the problem.

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