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    January 18th, 2005
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    just venting...

    Trying to offer my visitors coupons from Cj merchants can be frustrating at times.
    At HSN there are 1 or 2 current coupons mixed in w/ lots of expired ones from months ago. At least one from 2004.
    UEShop- all coupons listed long since expired (2004).
    Just two examples.

    What about the coupons with no expiration date listed? Do they get expired by merchants, but just left on Cj to rot? I wish I had an extra 2 hrs. a day to test them all. I'm sure I'd find at least a few duds. LOL

    Linkshare leaves old expired coupons up too, but they are easier to spot at a glance.

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    They're probably merchants that don't respond to email either, right?
    Dump the DUDs

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    r u using the GoldenCAN coupon patch at all?

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