I have a problem for example if I want to split a lot of links in several index pages.
The "a number of records is reached" flag is based on the effective records processed by WebMerge, but this cannot be used for that purpose. In fact say I have a datafeed with several categories, and say I sort them to use the Wm-IndexLabel tag. If I have more than 100 categories would be nice to create several index pages to split the links into. Using the flag above can be done if you have a datafeed of a single category ONLY, otherwise won't bring you to the result.
The only solution I've found is to split manually the pages but this is time-wasting. It would be useful to have a flag based on the effective records that are written in the page instead of the records processed. Otherwise a simple counter variable would do the job, used with a wm-if tag.
Thank you