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    Ebay tracking way off...
    Is anyone else seeing test purchases/wins on Ebay and Ebay Stores NOT show up in CJ?

    Over the last two weeks, I've made 15 BIN purchases on Ebay, each coming from one of my own affiliate links. Only 2 eventually showed up on CJ. In one case, I bought 8 different items at the same price point, within minutes of one another, from the same seller, and only 1 showed up.

    I wonder how many legit commissions we're losing because the tracking system isn't up to snuff?

    Of course, since we now only get final data, I can't prove any of this.
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    I've made six purchases (3BID/3BIN) over the last month and they've all tracked. With the eBay/Paypal coupons, got some great deals for holiday presents.

    I do go through a "simple" click through for each purchase, starting with a new browser for each purchase, one at a time. To keep it clean and simple, given the acknowledgment of a speed issue with tracking.


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