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    A Newb's question about CJ and Spam...
    Even though this thread is about Spam, I have opted to place it here because it is CJ specific.

    I recently set up a new CJ account for a new site. The email address that I used to sign up at CJ was brand new and never used before. Within a week, this email address started to receive Spam emails with a spoofed header from my own domain - it also carries an attachment that I did/do not open. These are coming more and more each day and there now there are the usual russian brides and male enhancement garbage.

    My suspicion is that a CJ merchant has mined and sold my email address (or something like that). I am curious if anyone else has heard of CJ merchants doing this? I have read much about the spyware friendly atmosphere of CJ but I had never experieinced it before. How much does CJ expose a publishers details to merchants?

    I realise that we all receive Spam but I am just wondering if this is the tip of the iceberg...


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    hey dave
    Merchants can view your account. Some of my affiliates can only be reached thru CJ mail. They never put an email address. Maybe you should take your email out.

    Those junk emails are getting really old...especially the male enhancement ones....I get them all time and I dont even have a ......

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    Dave, Howdy Eh

    Do you have any other email addresses on the same domain that were not entered into the CJ system?

    Check and see if these too recieved the spam. I'm not an email harvestor or anything, but I think there are ways of sending email to just about any address without it ever being listed anywhere.

    if I'm wrong somebody please hit me with a backslash

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    some spammers just try all the combinations at a domain name. I have a couple that have been hit that way. the spammers are probably working at building a list. but not checking it twice.

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