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    PayPal LuxWat Phishing email
    I got an email today that was a scam, but I gotta tell you - it was far and away the best imitation I've seen to date. The phishers are getting very good at it. Timing, this close to holidays. Disguised as a payment confirmation for some luxury watch... I had the urge to click the link - you know... grey matter boiling and saying "WTF, I didn't buy a gold watch and nobody in my house should have either! I'm going to dispute this right away."

    Images, fonts, colors, shading, layout are a top notch imitation of PayPal.

    Anyone else get the spam?

    Man, a lot of people are going to fall for this one!

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    I got the same email as you did ... sent to spoof@ immediately.
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    Remember. Paypal email always start with

    Dear, Your First and Last name here.

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    I got a Paypal spam saying that a new email id has been added to my account. First instinct was to click on the link - but I typed in paypal to make sure of any signs of tampering (emails, accounts, bank transfers etc). Send off the email to spoof@paypal .. paypal comfirmed that it is a fake.

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