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    Thumbs down Mikasa Affiliate Program Links Will be Down
    ...for 2 weeks right at Christmas. This bites..........
    On Monday, December 19th, Mikasa will be launching a brand new website designed to increase customer satisfaction, usability and sales conversions. This restructuring will provide an improved layout and streamline the order process, ultimately leading to more sales (and commissions). However, with this improvement comes a bit of downtime.

    Affiliate Program Links Will be Down
    During the initial launch of this site, our affiliate program will be going through an intensive testing procedure that will result in sales tracking to be down for a two week period from December 19th through January 4th. We would like to request that you suspend your marketing activities on behalf of Mikasa, including removing your banners and links during this time. We will inform you as soon as testing is completed and will send you new links to post on your site. We very much appreciate your past participation and your cooperation during this time. Rest assured that all your sales have tracked 100% correctly through today.

    Special Bonus Program Upon Relaunch
    We understand how frustrating a re-launch like this can be, so to thank you for your continued participation, we will be extending an bonus program upon our relaunch. Details will be included with our Relaunch annoucement.

    Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.
    Jamie Birch and Robin DeCato
    The Mikasa Affiliate Team
    Phone 212-213-4297 x306

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    That's insane.

    Loving Everyone's Child Creates Magic

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    There is NO excuse for that. Personalization Mall did a major redesign and everything worked straight through and the old links still do work - because the AM made sure of it well in advance.

    Well, this is dirty pool - I may or may not have a link for them floating around someplace or other, but IMHO the best recourse is to disenroll from their program altogether so any clicks would show the invalid link message, so they don't "accidentally" get any commission-free traffic.

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    Yeah, and I just got an email stating that Ulta aff. program is shutting down too.

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    I was just coming to post about this. OMG !!!

    Not OMG because it is a disaster (it's a huge PITA though), but how stupid can someone be?

    Please put this move in for ABW "Most Stupid Merchant Award."



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    Links available January 4th !!

    Sure, right after all the Christmas sales.


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    It's not real stupid - I have all my links running - the search engine traffic is set for the holidays - Mikasa/ULTA get the clicks and sales and my commision. My question is this a first time for this scam or do they do this 'going out of business' every year?

    Fortunately for me their traffic has not matured enough yet to be real significant - I just had high hopes!


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    I sent them a scathing email. Which will probably be deleted even though I was professional in it. Granted, December 19th is a LITTLE late to be worried, but not TOO late. Everyone can ship overnight...

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