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    When is next Update?
    I have not beed following google's schedule lately, used to be a monthly update. How often do google do a major update these days?

    Anyone can predict as to approximately around when will the next update be?

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    I don't think we're seeing that routine with Google lately. If it can be believed, deep crawls still happen but Google seems to be experimenting with index data files and jumping back and forth between several different copies. A site can be treated different ways lately, depending on the time of day.

    Some time ago some folks noticed a different set of spiders visiting, for unknown purpose. Suppose a whole new index was being built and tried piecemeal on certain servers?

    Your guess is as good as mine. My sites were doing their best over two years ago.

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    My personal opinion is that the Internet is growing so fast that none of the major search engines can keep up anymore. I was reading the approved submission list of blog updates on blogger the other day and they have around 3700 new pages that are updated every 10 minutes. That's just one one blog service and doesn't count others and the millions of regular html files. I'm sure Google, Yahoo and MSN are doing the best they can, but with the explosive growth of the Internet right now, there was no way to have a monthly update anymore that was complete. In the future I see roving updates on a daily or weekly basis.

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