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    May 31st, 2005
    Anyone Else Seeing a Delay in Reporting Today?
    Does anyone see a delay in reporting today...I had sales very early this morning then a few more 6 hrs later and now it looks like it stopped again.
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    May 19th, 2005
    I only got 1 sale, $3 today.never have this before.Don't know why,busy today,no time to figure out what happened

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    January 17th, 2005
    try looking into what people are clicking it still in stock?

    I had a gift site that was getting hit good and when I checked the most popular guessed it out of stock Seems like the buying is getting weaker and the surfers are looking for ideas to run out and get local

    I'm trying to push the express shipping offers that are pouring into my mailbox

    MErry HoHo

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    U wish U knew
    yesterday was okay, (not as good as last week), but today is looking real bad.

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    March 28th, 2005
    Sales were up a little for me in the past few days.

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