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    Who promotes Clickbank products?
    I have found that the commissions on Clickbank products are so much higher than many other affiliate programs, that I find myself gravitating toward the Clickback marketplace to select products for promotion whenever I have access to a new niche, or a new list.

    I've def had some success with Clickbank products, and my checks always come on time.

    Anyone else promote Clickbank stuff?

    How do you go about selecting a CB product to promote?

    Any predications for the best clickbank products for the "New Years Resolution" style impulse buyer?

    I certianly have some picks of my own that I would be happy to share ...

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    I used to promote CB pretty heavy, most everything I promoted payed 75%. Their refund policy it way too liberal and I was getting way too many chargebacks. If someone bought something like an ebook, did not really like it, they could just get the money back and still have the book. Unless they do something about it, I will never promote them again.

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    I use them as additional products on some of my sites, mainly on content pages, hence I'm limited by the niche of that particular page. I use them instead of Adsense and see which one does better. As far as I know CB cannot be tracked, so it's difficult to do any useful stats.
    For me charge backs are not too much of an issue, although they do happen.

    As for the prediction, weight loss is always a sure bet for the beginning of the year.
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