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    December 17th, 2005
    Great board...! Astrology or Psychic sites..?
    I just found the board, it'a really great...!

    Anybody using any astrology / psychic sites that are doing
    okay for them.

    Thanks a munchie bunch

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    Welcome to ABW!

    I haven't gone looking in a few years on that subject, but when I did I found them to be not affiliate-friendly and some were problem people from the affil standpoint. This may have changed, but I bet that, like the goth sites, they are still a bit insular and only referring between their buddies.

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    Welcome to ABW!

    There are a several Astrology & Psychic Offers on Clickbank's
    Fun & Entertainment ...

    You'll need to click on each sub-category (Astrology or Psychic).

    But they all have low "gravity" which means not Alot of
    sales are coming thru based on overall CB sales.

    Hope this helps

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    December 17th, 2005
    Thanks very much for your views fellows...

    I signed for the affiliate program

    It seems to be a popular site by looking at the overture
    searches it gets...I'll let you know how things go

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