I have just sat for around half an hour , thinking what to write in my
:merry Christmas post:

Then my mind started to travel back through the year
from when I first started posting here.
who have I been introduced to ?
who have I had good laughs with ?
who did I even upset ?
who came on board as plazan affiliates ?
who else got into trouble here and was banned, temporarily.[laughing]
Newbie's posting, I got my first sale !!! [I like them]
all the good times that we had together,
we have even shared our bad times and helped each other through
grievances, that I know you would not get anywhere else.
We have posted about news from last year, some good, some bad.
What about the political discussions we had ??.......

You know !!
I could think of a thousand things to write about this year,
but then it would take me a year ...
so I think I will just say.

To everyone on the ABW forum.

From Neil and all the staff at plazan skin care.