Don't know if anyone read the January 2006 issue of Inc. magazine but on their mail page is a mail from a reader who claims he had to rebuild a PC "infected" with our ol buddy 180Solutions. It's not a long letter but he goes on say the Inc. 500 list is much devalued because they picked 180 to be on their list and how 180 uses security holes to install itself and tricks users into installing it.

Of course, 180 replied with blah blah blah, 20 million consumers who enjoy rich content blah blah blah constantly improving blah blah blah. The Inc. Editor replied also saying they gave 180 the benefit of the doubt but will take a closer look at them again-if they qualify for the next list.

This isn't an in-depth article on their tactics or issues but it was sure nice to see it appear in Inc. and be the leading mail on that page. For those of you who wonder "What can one person do about parasties?", one person in Phoenix just readched thousands of business people with one letter to the editor.