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    Goog/Yahoo Comparisons
    hey All,

    Just looking at my numbers for December, comparing Goog and Yahoo conextual ad performance. FWIT, here is the bottom line:

    I made more money with Yahoo on one third the pages and Yahoo pays more per click (about twice if not more) but ...

    CTR on Goog=6.0%
    CTR on Yahoo=1.9%

    CPM on Goog is more than 2% higher than Yahoo, despite Yahoo's higher CPC.

    Interesting figures. Once I've had Yahoo going a full year it'll be interesting to see the yearly numbers as opposed the one month numbers.

    Yahoo has to get more targeted ads to really compete. They're getting better but still lagging way behind the great Goog. Looks like the Goog is still a contender.

    Anyone else?

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    From a merchants stand point for one year of PPCSE conversions to clicks .... 1/18 for Google and 1/39 for Overture. Overture actually cannot generate anywhere near the conversion ratio of natural SERP listings.
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    Very interesting stats, I don't do Yahoo so this is keeping me informed Thanks
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    I see about the same thing in my stats. Conversion ratio from Google AdWords is about double what I see from Yahoo (formerly Overture). Both are FAR better than any "second tier" PPCSE I've tried, though.

    Natural search traffic converts slightly higher than Google AdWords for me.

    I've heard some people say that Yahoo/Overture converts a little better than AdWords for them, so I think it depends somewhat on the type of products, your target audience, keywords, etc.

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