Awhile ago, I explained how someone with automatic deposit can show low funds....This happened to me yesterday...I had a big watch commission payout which caused my account to go below my threshold. Because it went below my fund threshold, this triggered my automatic deposit.....My account got replenished with funds, but not enough to pass the designated low fund threshold. To make a long story short, My account showed low funds yesterday even though I have a valid credit card on file and funds did get replenished....

Affiliates always worry when they see low funds, because they always believe the merchant is about to go offline. That is not necessarily true because any transacton that takes place after that will trigger another automatic deposit....

Merchants on auto-deposit should simply set up a test product of zero dollars and place it on the shopping cart on a page that is only accessible to affiliates...... This way if an affiliate is concerned about an auto-deposit merchant who is showing low funds, they should simply place a zero dollar order themselves. That will cause the automatic deposit to kick in, thus reducing any concerns.....I believe most of the time this will cause programs to go back to online status....If they move back to online status, then there really wasn't a problem......When I am on low funds I just do a test transaction to bring me back to online status for affiliates who may worry. Otherwise Low Funds is okay if a valid credit card is on file.

If that zero dollar order didn't cause that merchant to get to online status, then there could be a problem (and basically that's what affiliates want to know)...Those problems could include:

1. Invalid credit card
2. The threshold is set at a really high dollar amount
3. The designated auto-deposit amount is not enough to reach the threshold
4. The commission was so incredibly high that a deposit doesn't make a difference....

The bottom line is simple: merchants need to be more in tuned with their affiliates and markets....I have never been offline since I started a few years ago.....

Does anybody like the idea of the Zero dollar test transaction? Should merchants make a page accessible to affiliates for this?

Just my thoughts!

On a business note: I will be sending out some important info on new product lines that will be coming out soon.....An exciting time for us!

Happy New Year!
Richard Lupu