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    Newbie needs help- do I have a parasite(s)?
    Hello all, I am the Admin of, a new website devoted to amateur wrestling (i.e. not the WWE) in Ohio. The site is all of three weeks old. I have sort of stumbled upon this affiliate link business because I was approached to set one up with another wrestling business.

    I think I may have a parasite. On affiliate link one, first first week or so I received 48 "click-throughs", good for 12 sales. Since the first of the year, I have received 60 "click throughs" but that yielded me just one sale. To have gone from a 25% sale rate, to less than 2% seems impossible, leading me to believe I have some sort of parasite.

    Also, I started a second affiliate link yesterday morning. It said I had no sales, which seemed unlikely since I had about 1800 hits. So I had my father buy something by clicking from my site, at 9 p.m. AS of hnow, 4:30 a.m., it is not reflected in my total.

    Please help! Do I have a parasite, and if so, how do I cure?

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    On your first situation, you don't have enough clicks to judge much of anything. As far as parasites, whether you have them on your computer or not won't have anything to do with whether your site visitors have them, the ones clicking thru on your links. Usually you can tell if you have them if you see pop ups off your links, redirecting after you click your links, things like that. You'll know if you have a parasite or not, might not know which one you have.

    As far as your second situation are you talking about hits to your pages or clicks on the link? 1800 clicks on your link and no sales and there's a problem somewhere. As far as your father's purchase could be too early to see if the sale shows up. Depends on the network and merchant. Some networks are more "real time" than others. Some merchants only put up sales after the item ships, they could be a batch merchant and upload at different intervals. Would need more info to see what the problem might be that you're having.

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    Thanks very much for your help. I guess I am did not fully appreciate the distinction between "parasites" and traffic being "hijacked"- I meant hijacked I think. How do I tell if "hijacking" (which I don't know how common it is- I just read about it from people that were trying to sell systems around it) is taking place? Is their an inexpensive way to safeguard against it?

    1800 hits to my site. I suppose every link could work at a different speed, which could explain my father's sale not showing up yet.

    As for going from 25% to less than 2%, I understand what you are saying about the # of clicks- but I guess it seems to me that this sample size is large enough that such a drastic change in percentage raises eyebrows.

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