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    Title and linked text is key!
    In launching a new site, I used a template from an old site. The new page had only the title from the old site. All else was new but I did mention the old site in the page however and included a link.

    The ads delivered matched the title content!

    I then changed the title but the ads still match the link. Perhaps the links have a lot of importance.
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    I had the same problem. I would use the same template for a different product and change the content but still would get the ads from the old template. Had to start from scratch or use content targeting.

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    This is even weirder:

    I have AdSense on lots of different sites, different themes, etc. If I'm updating a static site, I'll often preview the page in IE (locally) before uploading it. It used to be that such previews would bring up charity AdSense, which stood to reason (the bot can't see what's on the page when it hasn't been uploaded). But lately, that's changed, in a way that I consider ominous.

    One of my sites is a c*ntent blog (with a subject that draws high-dollar AdSense, of course!). As is normal (or at least, I think it's normal), for the blog I just log on and start typing when I want to make a post. No file uploading like there would be for a regular site.

    Now when I preview my other sites (again, locally, without uploading them) they show AdSense which would match the content of the blog! There are no links from any of my other sites to the blog or vice versa; nothing that'd fool AdSense into thinking that the other sites have anything to do with that subject.

    Fortunately, the AdSense become correct once the pages are actually uploaded. But it seems that not only has G/AdSense figured out at least some of the sites in the Empire, it's trying to "theme" the entire bunch of sites according to one category. To make matters worse, it's got the wrong theme!
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    Still generating Christmas ads...
    Sad to say, when I am hoping for Valentine gifts, etc. G. is still generating Christmas ads. Even on totally unrelated pages, such as IBS page for example...Time to pull the Christmas ads out...

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    that is very interesting I am trying to figure out why that happens and I cant. Big brother theory hmmmm
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