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    Can Blogger Delete Hosted Blogs?
    I am not talking about Blogspot-hosted blogs. I'm talking about using Blogger's software but hosting it yourself, on your domain with your hosting company.

    Since blogger does not have your password or username I assume they cannot delete all of your posts but they probably can stop you from logging in.

    I have heard TONS of stories about people who have had all sorts of blogspot blogs wake-up to find that thier blog has been deleted? Read this:

    Has anyone heard of blogger deleting an account hosted by the user?


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    I asked this on the blogger forum as well.

    One of the moderators replied:

    "Blogger has no control and assumes no liability for sites not hosted by them (BlogSpot).

    You should have no worries for whatever you do on your own site. Blogger is just a platform to get your blog posts to your server."

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