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    Forcing CJ Clicks Through AdSense
    I frequently mouse over the AdSense ads on my site to see whose ads appear. I noticed one where the copy would have been unlikely to be used by the advertiser that displayed when I moused over the ad and "aff" did appear at the end of the text displayed so I left clicked on the ad so I could look at the ad's Properties. Included in the Properties was a CJ link.

    Since actually clicking on the ad would have violated the AdSense TOS on my end, I didn't do that, but since a CJ link appeared on the Properties, I feel confident that clicking on the ad would set a CJ cookie. Would this be considered a forced click and a violation of the CJ TOS? If so, how should it be reported?

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    It's not a forced click as long as the visitor ends up on the the location that the ad states. The person clicks on a link with the intention of visiting the advertised site. that's not forced.

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    U wish U knew
    I notice a lot of them like that for ebay stuff.
    Even though its against the TOS, I can't help but click some of the ads sometimes.. Some good ones are just to intriguing to pass up..

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    If a user intends to go to the site, there is nothing forced about it. Plenty of merchants allow this, plenty also forbid it.

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