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    Smile Question about affiliate web sites
    I am new to affiliate marketing but this board has helped a lot. I am ready to post some questions if that is ok. I hope you can help.

    1. is using google adwords to redirect to a merchant site acceptable?
    2. is using your own links to buy something ok?
    3. What is better for a merchant, to pay for a link to help build PR or use affiliates. I ask because the affiliate links dont count towards pr right?
    4. what about affiliates that charge a merchant to advertise on their site or a prominent link, but then go ahead and use to get commission anyway.
    5. I have read up on the affiliant tracking code being accessed and replaced with somebody elses using some javascript, how can a user detect if this has been installed on their pc and be removed.

    Thanks for all your help


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    Hello Ardin,

    1. Yes. Many affiliates make lots of money like this, although it is tricky until you get your ROI right.
    2. Depends on the merchant, some will let you, others wont. Check with them.
    3. Personally, i'd say the Affiliate program, just because you pay for performance and well, if you get good affiliates, you'll make sales quicker rather than wait for PR updates, Search ranking updates, natural traffic increase, etc etc.
    4. People do that? What kind of a merchant advertises on sites like that? That's wrong. That'd mean your stealing money from the merchants. Avoid.
    5. Bloody Parasites are everywhere! A friend tried to buy through one of my sites and I caught the parasiteware in action changing my Affiliate ID! Bastards! Get a spyware/adware/parasiteware remover. Check out for more info.

    6. No problem. Hope it does help!


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    I wouldn't recommend direct linking to a merchant site through a PPC ad. It is a violation of most terms unless you have an agreement with that merchant. It just creates bad-will with the merchant.

    To protect yourself as an affiliate from losing commissions due to parasites you need to partner with merchants who are parasite free.

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