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    Finding Negative Keywords for PPC Campaigns - tip
    Click Thru Rate (CTR) is very important, especially within Google AdWords.

    Eliminating unrelated traffic will raise your CTR resulting in better positions, lower CPC, lower budget forecast, lower total spend and much more. You might even get Blue'd.

    If you use Broad match - which most people do by default - this tip can help you a lot.

    I run one campaign that has about 500 negative keywords and it averages over 10% CTR - so dig and dig for negative keywords, it will make a difference.

    There are other ways, but here's a labor-intensive tactic that I also use every time I set up a new campaign.

    Visit Amazon and search for your prime keyword concept word - trounce on through all of the Amazon categories down the left hand menu there - looking for words (in the product listing headings there) that are associated with your word (you searched for it) but are unrelated to what you're actually selling - and create your list...

    Visit eBay and do the same.

    Most people sit and think them up - but searching at Amazon and eBay will quickly throw 1,000's of possibilities for you to consider in a short period of time!

    I went through over 2,000 product listings at Amazon and over 12,000 listings at eBay (I read fast) to develop my 500 negative keywords mentioned above.

    If you've read my posts before, you know my AdWords mantra...

    CTR, CTR, CTR!

    And Google now inspects your ppc landing pages for relevancy as a new component of your campaign's quality score - which determines your ad's position and actual costs as well - so choose your keywords wisely, eliminate noise by developing negative keywords and aim for landing spots that match.

    Have fun!

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    Excellent suggestion!

    A couple others:

    1) Search Google and see what kind of unrelated stuff comes up in the natural listings.
    2) Monitor your logs for unrelated stuff. (This isn't all that effective, as you'll typically get fewer clicks on unrelated search terms, but sometimes you can catch some.)

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