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    AE: Default graphical list layout
    Where is the formatting for the default graphical listing kept?

    In .ini I have = 1 for graphical

    I have appended &format=list1 list2, list3 etc etc and none of them are the same layout as the default - which I like. Except that in the default the artist name (in music) is not linked to an artistsearch as it is in (I think all) the other sample layouts.

    I'd like to just change that in the default - though I also have to say I'm not sure how I'd do it. Looking at the template files for the list1, 2,3 etc designs, it seems {details.artists} isn't surrounded by anything saying it should be a link, so I can't see why it should be unlinked sometimes and linked others.


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    That format is defined by <!--format.list1.cell--> in the formatting library.

    Create a custom formatting library with a revised version of <!--format.list1.cell-->

    Search for {details.artists.artist-1} and replace it with {details.artists}

    Some CD's have multiple artists. The {details.artists.artist-1} displays the first artist only; however, it is plain text and is not linked to an artist search (in a future version, this may be linked too). The {details.artists} displays the entire list of artists (or one if there's only one) and links each artist name to an artist search.

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    Excellent, thanks - gottit.

    Please don't make {details.artists.artist-1} into a link in future (unless it's optional) - it is perfect for using as the anchor for a link of my own

    The reason I was digging into this was to see if I could change the URL the artist links were pointing to - having a mixture of built-in artistsearch links and the raw artist name (even only the first artist is fine) is good enough.

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