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    Can any Flash experts help with this please?
    Iím about to start my affiliate program at ShareASale and I have some Flash banners I want to make available to affiliates. ShareASale said to do the following:

    You will need to make the entire Flash object clickable, and have the click action be:
    javascript: document.shareasale.submit();

    I know nothing about Flash, but after looking at my flash banner file, what currently makes the flash banner clickable is this:

    on (release)
    getURL("", "_blank");

    How do I add, change, or alter the above so that it will be what ShareASale wants me to send them.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    January 18th, 2005
    I'm also curious about this, but from the affiliate side.

    Why are all the flash ads FORM submits? I tried these with a client and they were a nightmare. Forms tend to ad linebreaks for no reason, interact badly with other forms on the same page (including other SAS flash ads), have the potential for browser security alerts, etc. Is there no other way to link via flash, maybe passing the same data via a get request rather than post?

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    Have either of you figured this out?

    I had 12 flash banners made before I joined, and then found out I couldn't just upload them like GIFs.

    So do I open up flash and make a change to that somehow?

    thank you

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