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    Link before approval?
    I received this in the usual reply email after applying to a merchant:

    Thank you for applying to the **** Affiliate program. Your application will be approved or declined within 24 business hours.

    Please be sure that your site meets the following criteria:

    1. Your site must be fully functioning.

    2. There must be a visible banner and/or link to our website on your site.

    3. Your site must be "family-friendly."

    4. Your site must be in English.

    5. Other miscellaneous factors.

    Do they really expect me to place a link or a banner on my site before my site is approved?

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    jacked by sylon
    Another affiliate manager that has no idea at all about what's going on about running an affiliate program.

    I'm sure they will get a lot of affiliates with a rule like that.

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