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    Make a Page
    I keep getting this error:

    Invalid Search - You must include either a MerchantID, ProductID, SKU, ShareASale Category or ShareASale Subcategory.

    I have all merchants selected with the cats set to blank.

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    HI Jackson,

    You have to be very specific, with a low number of search terms and/or attributes to make a page through the SAS interface. It drove me crazy for weeks before someone here pointed out that I had to reduce the number of search terms.

    I think make a page is designed to feature one specific type of product and only one merchant at a time. I never tried to make a page with more than one merchant. Don't know if that's problematic or not. Is that even possible?

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    I noticed this too and stopped trying once it didn't perform as expected.

    Guess I should have added that to the "Things to fix at SaS" thread.
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    I put in a generic term and then have to copy the code and delete things that aren't relevant. That way I get all the products from all my merchants relevant to that search but I have to clean it up a lot. However, when I do need certain things for a certain page, I can generally find them. What I hate is merchants like Sunshine jewelry that throw up their whole catalog for any and every search related to jewelry. They are a real pain in the butt. You either have to eliminate them from the search all together and not use them or do a whole lot of deleting which can take a lot of time.

    But, tell you what. It has sure saved some pages already in the SEs or needed on my site by giving me some products to put on those pages when the original merchants had to be replaced.

    That is what I primarily use it for.
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