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    Help With Include Tag
    I have a 4 tiered web site broken down like this:


    I am creating my CATEGORY page by cycling through all records in my datafeed by using the [WM-IndexLabel: COMPANY_NAME] tag and I am having Webmerge create separate index pages based on the STATE name. On the left of my main CATEGORY page I want to list all other cities that are in the same state as the page that is currently being created.

    How do I do this? I was hoping there was a way to tell Webmerge to not only pick up all the COMPANY NAMES in a given city, but also pick up all the city names that are in the same state at the time of the merge.

    Please let me know if there is an automated way to do this. If there is not, one way I thougth of is to have a separate 4ww file create a series of index pages (one for each state) containing all the cities within the state. Then I figured I could use the [WM-Include] tag to pull in these state pages in my next merge. The problem with this technique is I can't include a specific .html file. I need the .html file to be made from my STATE field in my datafeed.

    In essence, what I want to do is nest the tags like this:

    [WM-Include: state/[WM-FIELD: STATE nolink].html]

    But that didn't work... It seems I can't nest tags in the include tag like this.

    Can anybody tell me if there is an automated way to what I am trying accomplish, or if there is some other form of include I can use to accomplish this? I apprecaite any assistance.

    Thank you.

    Brad Switzer
    Sites & Sounds

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    *bump* I'm trying to do something similar to this as well. :\

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