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    Thumbs down Sharper Image - Sales Lost To "Return Days"
    I never knew just how badly you could get hurt by a short cookie duration until this Christmas season. I took a chance and heavily promoted Sharper Image links in December. Sales seemed slower than I expected, compared to other merchants.

    Slower than I expected until I stumbled upon the "non payable commissions" report. It showed a ton of sales that exceeded the "return days" duration. They must have been just a short period outside the window. Christmas sales are usually made quickly by my site visitors.

    So Sharper Image got me to sell a ton of their goods and didn't have to pay me anything. I wrote their affiliate manager a long e-mail and never heard anything back. What's so ridiculous about this is that they know those sales came from my site, or they would never appear on the "non payable commissions" report. Talk about taking advantage of someone due to a technicality!

    I have pulled all of their links now. I will never take lightly the risk of a short cookie duration again.

    Has anybody else been through this?

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    Read this thread to discover more about Sharper Image:

    The "non payable commissions" report is a very useful tool. It shows the power of "cookies" and long return day. It's always better to check the return days before promoting a merchant.

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    From the list at I can see why some merchants on this list never did a thing for me.
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    Thanks, both of you.

    I will be spending a lot more time on ABestWeb and checking out the affiliates I intend to promote. I guess shopping for a good affiliate program is like shopping for anything else. You have to do your homework.

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    A good place to visit from time to time at LinkShare is:
    Account : Program Controls : Consolidated Merchant Information
    You have all the Return Days for your merchants.

    Sharper Image: 7 days
    The worse programs are offering us: .958 or .167
    You need longer days for more expensive items
    By example, Mondera: 120 days

    I've been able to negociate with a few merchants longer return days thanks to this report.

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