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    How can Bonsai Boys of NY be a new merchnat??
    Seems strange to see Bonsai Boys of NY listed as a new merchant at CJ. They've been there for 5 years. What's up with this strange move.
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    I was wondering about that, too.
    I had a look at my Status: Active Start Date 13-Jul-2001 and my email folder:
    To all of our valued affiliates,
    It is too cold on the East Coast to ship some of our trees. As a result, these items are disabled. The page still exists, but visitors can not purchase.
    We are pleased to announce that our inventory has been restored.
    We are now able to ship all of our bonsai trees and accessories.
    Please update your links/banners.
    Have a great Holiday Season

    Maybe they were deactivated during that time and had to reapply. It doesn't make sense.

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    I thought that Bonsai was a ShareaSale Merchant. Never knew that they were also a CJ merchant.............................

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    i thought the same thing... in fact i thought it was like a duplicate affiliate.. you know how some affiliates who are involved apply again to get their names in the list twice but under a diiferent name/company/product...

    it's weird.. i guess that's what we may see coming soon to CJ another upgrade and a screw up of affiliate listings..
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    I was wondering the same thing. I didn't notice them having been deactivated.

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    With the exception of the shipping issue, they weren't deactivated. They were still shipping pots, tools, etc. Not sure why they're in twice.
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    It was an accident on our part (human error) that reset their live date. It has since been corrected.
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