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    Multiple clicks on ad by same user
    I had someone click on my adsense ads over 50 times today.... seems they got click happy or didn't like my site... I went through my logs and blocked all the IPs that visited during that time period to hopefully help prevent them from futher abuse.

    Has anyone experienced this type of thing? What does google do about it? What can webmasters do?... it could happen to any site and anyone could do it to anyone running adsense... can google just auto detect it and not pay for the clicks?... this would be ideal... rather than say, a ban from adsense. I'm sure they must have advanced systems in place to detect this type of thing, but how would they differentiate it from an abusive adsense publisher clicking on their own ads that should rightfully be banned from the system? Any ideas?

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    If you are sure these clicks all came from one particular IP address perhaps you should contact Google about your concerns so that they can check it out. Good luck!

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    Yes that is a tough I would contact them right away so they know it wasn't you.I have noticed that there are more clicks with no payment I think they are watching where some of the clicks come from especially overseas.

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