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    Question Do you grow your niche tree?
    Those who score on creating new keywords and catching traffic on it, please answer...

    How do you grow your niche tree?

    • Do you dig out new keywords yourself?

    • Or just online search engine statistics.

    • Can you say that your niche(s) have grow recently?

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    I build my niche site. Then I look at what people are looking for when they come to my site. Then I expand. Check your referral logs.

    I have a site about kitchens, but people find the site while looking for plates and forks, I start talking about plates and forks while selling them.

    If I'm selling kitchen products, I might expand into living rooms: furniture, rugs, etc.

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    My remark is more of gaining a confidence, but...

    Can you prove that once the niche started to grow, it just grows more and more, merging with neighboring niches, creating sub-niches...?

    The point is that I got into a discussion that if niche is small. It will be small. But my own experience shows that if a niche has appeared, it grows and grows. Because when people see that someone is playing on the keywords and these keywords have nice profit potential - they join the game too.

    I would like to know your opinion. Is it true for the niches you are working in?

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