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    'Tis The Season bonus
    Will the bonus be paid in Jan 21st payouts?

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    No, most likely your bonus will be paid around April 15th. Merchants have asked us to wait for the final calculation of bonuses until 75 days after the end of the quarter to account for returns and adjustments. 75 days after the quarter, based on data as of that date, we add the bonuses earned to the merchantís invoice for that month. For 4Q bonuses, 75 days after the quarter is March 15. Merchants have until March 31 to pay that invoice, which is why we say that affiliates can expect to get paid their 4Q bonus by April 15, 2006. This information can also be found in the LinkShare Club FAQ:


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    As a merchant that participated in the 'Tis the Season promotion, April 15th seems like an awfully long time for affiliates to wait for their bonuses. What "merchants" asked you to wait until 75 days after the end of the quarter? I wasn't included in the vote.

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