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    It would help if the temporarily offline would have a date of when it went offline. This way I know whether my merchant is just paying manually or is never going to pay at all. I usually don't check all the time so I don't know which has been offline for a day and which have been off a month.


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    Good one, Mike! I agree.


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    Actually, you should be able to see the date when the merchant went offline, added funds, etc.... Go to "Activitiy Summary", then click the merchant's name. This will bring up a selection of links, including one titled "Program Uptime History". When this is clicked, it should give the date and time of when the merchant went to the "low funds" status.

    For example, when I log in as an affiliate and click our merchant program, here is a sample of our status list: (in reverse time order, with the most recent action being first):

    9004 Online - AutoDeposit 12/13/2005 at 8:21:25 PM Merchant Modern Artisans has added funds via AutoDeposit to relieve the Low Funds condition.


    9003 Low Funds 12/13/2005 at 8:21:23 PM Merchant Modern Artisans has a status of Low Funds


    According to the list, on Dec 13th at 8:21, we went into "Low Funds" status. However, 2 seconds later we were put into the "Online" status again due to our Automatic Deposit.

    I am seeing this list with both auto-deposit merchants (such as Modern Artisans, Black Forest Decor & GoodBulbs) as well as with merchants that do not have auto-deposit (such as Broadwax Lighting). If the merchant in question does not have AutoDeposit, then it should give the date and time that new funds were added manually.

    Hope this helps.
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