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    What to offer?
    How do I determine the value of a domain that I want to buy? I want to make an offer on an undeveloped .com but have no idea what it is worth.


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    For me it is what I am willing to spend based on what I think the potential income is for it.

    Frankly, I've never bought a domain for other than my rate at GoDaddy. On the other hand, I have sold domains for over $500.00.
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    You might put the onus on the other person and just ask if they would be willing to sell it and what they would want for it. It might be far less than you were willing to pay (in which case you save a bunch) or it might be far more than you were willing to pay (in which case you know not to even bother).

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    Value to you? Like 7-day said, it's worth to you should be based on what you expect get out of it.

    If the name itself generates 100/200/300 visits/month by direct type-in or because of search engine directed traffic, etc. then you should be able to estimate a value to your business based on that.


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    The answer is one that all lawyers are taught to use...."it depends"

    There are just so many factors involved. If you tell me more about the domain (without naming it) I would be happy to share what I think it might be worth.

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