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    Mess-up on contact info for account
    I just logged in and got a message in red that two of my "accounts" have no contact information. First off, the second domain mentioned has never had an account, it's just a domain that's been added on to the main account and is a channel.

    There was a second account - created when password retrieval wasn't working so the original account could not be accessed, but that was consolidated into the main account last year, at the time when I was verified.

    There is NO other contact information but the one for the main account and it's all in order. And AFAIK there is no second account such as the message is saying - they're consolidated under the main one.

    Another thing - I went to check where email contact information can be updated and there's no place to do that if it happens to change. What happens if someone changes ISP and their contact email changes? Are they up the creek?

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    a Midnight Hiccup in their system?

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    It sounds like you need to validate your email address for your other channels. To validate your email address, log into your account:
    1) Click Update Profile
    2) Click contact info link (card w. picture icon) from Channel Manager
    3) Scroll down to the email address field
    4) Under the email address field please click on the 'Click Here' link to have a confirmation email sent.

    Please click this link only once. In about 30 minutes, an email will be sent to the email address listed. Please click on the confirmation link that will be provided in the email.
    Please make sure you do not have LinkShare emails blocked, or routed to a spam folder.


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    It sounds like LS did some testing of email addresses last week and is notifying folks. However, according to Gordon in another post, these email addresses are working so it sounds more like it is an error on LS's part. Will be interesting if more people start posting the same problem or not.
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    I got into my account without having to do anything. Give it another try it might have been a temporary glitch.
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