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    Seeking technical support affiliate program
    Hope this is the correct section to post this...

    I have a site about Microsoft Access and would like to monetise the enquiries. Currently, I do some of the work myself but wondered if there were any good affiliate programs for people enquiring about training, programming, support etc.

    Any suggestions on a good affiliate program? Or a better way to monetise the enquries?


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    There is a ton of programs in these areas. I'd recommend joinging, say, Shareasale and searching their affiliate programs by your keywords ("programming", "technical support", etc). I've just done it myself, and there are at least 20 programs you may use...


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    Just had a look and it looks fab! Is there a way to search or do I have to browse for a program? I see the directory but no keyword search facility.

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    Thanks guys. I have signed up with shareasale and will see what they have to offer. Maybe I could even put their application form on my site! Currently, I probably get about 8 enquiry forms filled in per week. So maybe I can get a few signups for leads.

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