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    Computer Scrapbooks ?
    Getting nervous with 8 $0.00 transactions pending. Am I wasting traffic here? Anyone else actually get commissions ?

    On the verge of dropping them and the regular feed

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    Just joined them (both) and yes, my first transaction was a $0.00 one. I wrote them and they replied that they offer free stuff on their site and that's what it was.

    I did check out their site, and one of the features is they offer a few items that are free. Hey, everybody wants fr*e--it is a 4 letter word!

    Realize that these are digital products that they are offering for free and also that arts/crafts stuff buyers tend to penny pinchers--nothing wrong with that. I don't plan to make very much money with this, but I know it's something my readers may want, so I offer it.

    My sense is that these are honest folk--there's another scrapbooking vendor on SAS and I had originally joined that one--but quit after I saw Google Adsense on every freakin' page!

    If you're not counting on this as your main course, then I'd say just stick with it. Scrapbook has a datafeed--you may do better using that.
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