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    question for todd
    I have my publisher account deactivated on 1/12/06 & the reason i am given is that my account does not generate any revenue within a last six months. How do cj calculate commissions earned. I have my account balance exceeding $45000 & as far as i remember for last six month my account has generated more then $50000 of comissions i dont understand what type of inactivity is in my account? Is this some kinda joke.

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    Without reviewing your specific account, I could not comment.
    Todd Crawford
    Co-Founder, Impact Radius

    Give me a minute before I post again

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    $50,000 in 6 months? , Do you have a phone? call them, instead of asking it from todd.

    As you told you earned $50000 in 6 months, then CJ will give value to your account, loosing you will be loss of CJ.
    You are a very new member here, So I suspect...

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