Hello all

I am pleased to announce the launching of the WorldSpace Satellite Radio Affiliate Program.

It’s got the power and punch to drive incredible sales for a truly unique product and service line. It’s got the power and backing of a publicly traded company with financial stability and security. It’s got the punch to cut through all the clutter and deliver a unique product with a growing selection of channels and programming. The combination of these two qualities results in a great opportunity for affiliates to partner with a company who is literally reaching for the stars.

WorldSpace offers crystal clear radio programming to over 5 billion people in 130 countries with over 60 CD quality static free stations. The program is ideal for sites that attract international visitors and provides information, products, and services to international expatriates, students, businesspersons, military, and government personnel. WorldSpace’s Satellite Radios add value to your Web site by giving your visitors a means to satisfy their entertainment and news requirements while they are abroad.

Some of the stations available include:

-Virgin Radio U.K - Today's best music and classic tracks.
-Orbit Rock - Classic Rock & More.
-BBC -World’s Most Respected Voice.
-UPop – Pop heard ‘round the world.
-FOX News - Fair and balanced look at today's headlines.
-NPR - Internationally acclaimed - news, talk and entertainment.
-Infusion Radio - Transform your Mind, Body and Soul.
-Talk Sport - U.K.'s #1 Sports talk radio station.

While we offer over 60 radio channels, essentially you’ll only need to promote one package: The Satellite-to-go package. This package includes a limited time, low priced subscription at only $6.99/month plus the WorldSpace receiver for $99. Shipping and handling to any destination is FREE. Activation is also FREE. As an affiliate partner you’ll have access to a variety of creatives for this very affordable satellite radio offer.

Reurn days are 45. Commission is set at a minimum of $30 per sale of the Satellite-To-Go Package.Commission Tiers:

1. Earn $30 commission for 1- 4 orders.
2. Earn $40 commission for 5-14 orders.
3. Earn $50 commission for 15 orders and over

If you decide to sign-up please drop me an email or PM to let me know. For your trouble I'll bump you straight to Tier 2 offering $40.

To sign-up please go here

Thanks and best regards,

Patrick Goodfellow
Affiliate Partner Manager