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    It loads my pages so slowly as to be almost worthless!!

    I can't afford the band width I need so I am forced to break up the site. Where should I host the various parts of on free sites?

    Edited to gripe. Now toad balls Yahoo won't even load Front Page! Jerks!

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    Why not spend a few dollars on some more reliable hosting... like $6.95 a month :rolleyes:

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    Because, my site is so large and uses up so much band width that Yahoo is all I can afford at over $35 a month that I am already paying. I have a grandfathered contract or they would charge a lot more, too. A large part of my site is free graphics and I get about 5000 uniques a day so you see....

    Someone did offer to host it all reasonably once but they were just starting and I was afraid to use them and then risk losing my grandfathered contract.

    Right now my disk usage is 408.44 MB

    And, last month I transmitted 29577048.00 Kilobytes, however much that is in GB (metric isn't my thing). I think it is a lot.

    Yes, it's cheap for me, but they still suck worse than toad balls. [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_biggrin.gif[/img]

    I really need to divide up the site. I think trying some free hosts might be the ticket for right now. Then, I can test some ideas without upsetting the budget.

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    Hehehe... maybe you're cursed.

    All you need is a good hex editor.

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    Heyder, I went to see but, I think they either changed the prices or I'm missing something.

    Currently the Standard Account at 12.95 with a 10% discount for advanced payment offers

    100 MB Storage
    1500 MB Data Transfer
    25 E-mail Addresses

    The Advanced Account $18.95 offers

    200 MB Storage
    3000 MB Data Transfer
    50 E-mail Addresses

    As I said, I am just not that familiar with metric.

    How much is 29577048.00 Kilobytes in MB's

    It might be good if I break my site into smaller sections. I guess, I would have to get at least 3 more domain names. But, the pages might load faster.

    How long have they been around?

    Sounds like you have a better deal or I am just not looking in the right place?

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    Ssanf, I have 7 domains hosted under one account at valueweb which costs me only 50.00 per month. They give me 30 gigs of transfer. That is the mark you nearly broke last month. The trick for you is to keep your site in one piece. (Free hosting services are not what you want) You have such a huge base you just need some admin.

    They only give me 300mb of disk space but that no problem. It's the bandwidth you really have to watch. This way if you host 150mb of you graphics on a free server (simply calling them to your paid site), you eliminate the risk of going over the 30 gigs a month. For $50.00 a month the give me full cgi access too. The other big thing is SSI. You really need to be set up for ssi. (It's like your own personal smart zones and saves you days of editing!) Here is a link to a very helpful SSI tutorial. It's really a piece of cake!

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    toad balls huh. Interesting. lol

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    Dude, stop replying to 7 year old threads with pointless posts!

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