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    Linkshare direct deposit

    I used to get payment via check before and I switch to direct deposit in Nov 2005. The random verification is complete and I also entered the two random amount in my Linkshare interface. Everything was completed around Nov 30, 2005.

    Its been one and a half months now and I haven't seen any payment by linkshare via direct deposit.

    Anybody have any idea of what could be wrong ?


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    The reason you may not have received any payments is that you may have set a payment threshold. To view your payment threshold follow these steps:
    - Log in
    - Select "Your Account”
    - Select "Update Profile"
    - Select a channel **
    - Scroll down to "Payment - Payment Threshold [optional]"

    ** Channels are listed under your profile and signified by the icon that looks like a web page (rather than the ones that look like ID card images and or org chart images)

    If this is not a payment threshold issue, you should contact Customer Support because there may be a hold on your account or they can tell you why you are not receiving a payment. You can contact Customer Support at 888-SHARE-89 ext. 644 or email If you email Customer Support be sure to include your LinkShare username in your email.


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