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    Question Can Google adsense ads be on every page?
    Never done any advertising anywhere. Sorry if it is obvious.

    I want to have a site that does a review of a product. It is a mult-part article that spans several pages.

    Can I have google's adsense ads on every page of the article? It doesn't cost anything?

    Can you have the ads on more than one place on the site? For example, can the Google ads be on the top pane and down the side too? Maybe one graphic and the other text?

    Thanks for your time.

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    You can have up to 3 ads on a page, anywhere you want. You can have ads on any page except for informational pages like copyright info, contact info, etc.

    Also, you can't have ads that would direct people to click on the ad or draw attention to the ads themselves. So you could not have an ad on a page that talked about adsense ads.

    You should read over the Terms of Service.
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    Yes, Google AdSense is easy to use

    You can use AdSense on every page within your site. It more or less is copying and pasting code into the pages and after you push it live, the advertisements generate relevant products/services to the content on your page. If you are talking about 4th of July parties and accessories, for example, 4th of July and/or patriotic advertisements will automatically be displayed.

    Depending on the look and feel, you can also create color themes and coordinate those within your AdSense account. For example, if you have a Valentine themed site, you could create the AdSense to be white text, have a red click through title and hot pink border or background.

    It's fairly easy to use and Google makes it pretty simple to get help if you need it. Good Luck! ~Kmacbc

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    You can have up to three adsense units on a page.

    But you may also want to look at the layout, design, and the your users carefully. Many sites choose to have one or two adsense units because they beleive this serves their best interest to generate enough revenue without alieating users.

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