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Thread: Greetings from AvantLink!!

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    Thanks for the explanation...
    Thanks for the quick response. I'd like to get more information about becoming a merchant with Avantlink so I can better compare with the other programs.

    Where can I get additional merchant info, especially pricing?

    Also, I'm fairly new to this arena and I'm not familiar with the term SEO. Could you please clarify?


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    More Info..
    Just give me a call tomorrow mornin'.. or drop me an email with your number and I'll call you. But for our network services (tracking, reporting and payment to your Affiliates): I highlighted these costs above. For program mgt: We can talk about this in more detail off the board.

    SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization.. or the nature of configuring your Web site (code), and your Web site's evolution (reputation), to rank favorably in the natural listings of search engines.

    Gary M

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