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    GeoTargeted Affiliates
    Does anyone know of a good affiliate network that has geo targeting capabilities to the state level, specifically to the Tri State area of NY, NJ, CT (or generally the east cost)? I keep getting replies from the big affiliate networks that they only take nationwide campaigns, which is impossible for me to take advantage of with the current advertiser I'm working these days.

    Any reply will be greatly appreciated of course


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    Why not create the mechanism for this?
    I was recently faced with a similar issue - driving traffic and sales to a "local" merchant.

    One of my solutions was to create a "hybrid" landing page, which executed a server-side script to determine the location of the requesting IP address -- then the "local merchant" content was displayed for local visitors, and all other traffic was redirected to another web site (which also monetized traffic, but at a much lower amount).

    You might consider creating a script like this and make it available for affiliates to use (the affiliate could choose the "non-local" redirect URL). Then you could provide more generic (non-local) advertising for affiliates to use.

    Of course, you might also seek out clients in other geographic areas (e.g. if you are working with a plumbing contractor in Atlanta, look for plumbing contractors in other major markets, so you can increase the percentage of "covered" visitors.

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    Script example...?
    Hi Tim-store,

    Thanks for the interesting idea. I was thinking about the option of monetizing the traffic sent to my campaigns using a dedicated ad-server and geo-target rules where the bottom line outcome would be more or less what you have described.

    So anyone that gets from my geo targeted areas will be redirected to the advertiser website and the rest of the traffic would be redirected to another landing page that will contain random nation wide advertisers (like coupon sites for example).

    Considering the server-end approach that you have mentioned. Do you think that there is any difference between monetizing the script using server script vs. basing on an adserver to serve different URLs for different geo targets?
    Also, any chance you can direct me to a source where I can view such server end script? I really like this solution. Very interesting.


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