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    A good reason to lose weight!!!
    "A PRISONER lost 30lbs so he could squeeze through a hole he chiselled in a brick wall and escape from a maximum security jail in Sydney.

    Robert Cole (36) was serving time for assault in Long Bay prison when he broke out of jail early yesterday morning.

    Cole weighed about 167lbs when he entered prison in February 2003 but had dieted to 137lbs at his latest weigh-in.

    The New South Wales Corrective Services deputy commissioner said it appeared that Cole had deliberately lost weight so he could slip through the crack in the prison wall."

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    LOL... Smart Guy....

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    hahaa lossing weight for freedom sounds good

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    Quote Originally Posted by harrymond
    LOL... Smart Guy....
    Eh... Not really...

    "SYDNEY, Australia - A prison inmate who shed 31 pounds so he could squeeze out of prison is back behind bars after being spotted in a mall wearing a drawn-on mustache and beard.

    Robert Cole, 36, embarrassed authorities when he broke out of his hospital cell at Long Bay jail on Wednesday. He had chiseled a 6-inch hole in the brick work beside a window frame.

    He reportedly managed to aid his escape by reducing his weight to 123 pounds by taking laxatives.

    He was recaptured in a Sydney shopping mall on Saturday disguised with whiskers drawn on his face with a pen, The Sunday Telegraph newspaper reported.

    "The man was wearing a fake painted beard and mustache," said Noel O'Regan-Davis, 18, who watched the arrest. "It looked hilarious."

    Cole had been serving time for stealing and assault."

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    loosing weight is good for the health

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    I guess this guy got what was coming to him... and if you were to escape why would you draw facial hair, that's just asking to be looked at.

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    This has to be one of the funniest lose weight stories I have ever heard. LOL I checked it out cause I am starting back on getting in shape but I don't think this one will help me much.

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    he obviously had a couple of screws loose. Drew a mustache and beard to disguise himself? Good God.
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