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    Livedoor Marketing, formerly known as ValueClick Japan RAIDED by Japan SEC
    What's this news about
    "Livedoor Marketing, formerly known as ValueClick Japan"

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    Livedoor Raided by Japan SEC

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    From what I read, there was a lot of Hanky-Panky going on. Some exec went the suicide?? route yesterday.

    My guess that it is going down the tube, to be flushed and cleaned away as only the Japanese can do. Spray paint the stain and pretend that it never happened.

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    As a typical Adwhore operation, without ethics or moral restraints, the ValueClick Japan operation fudged their earning figures for the sell out move. Lying about revenue and the ROI stats is a art form within the advertising industry. It will be interesting to see how the Linkshare purchase pans out when the ethics/honor of the Japanese new owner runs into the American liberal socialists ruling the online advertising and media industry. I wondered how long before the huge drop in the Japan stockmarket, over the ValueClick phoney valuation snafu would get into the affiliate news grapevine.
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    Wow, their SEC / gov't actually raids people and busts liars and cheats and shames them.

    Once we "have" (I really mean "expose") an Internet scandal that affects our stock markets, we're going to see some heads roll too.

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    this has been in the news for a while now...the TSE closed 20 mins early due to sell off overload of the system.

    The story broke at the same time that Intel, Yahoo and others reported less than expected earnings which helped to fuel the sell off in a market ready to take profits.

    by the end of today trading was almost back to normal as the price of oil had dropped to 66 bucks a barrel.

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