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    My cj sales and leads have gone to zero since august 22nd. I posted this on the cj board and a reply said I was the victum of cj's scumwerar. what is scumwear and why me?

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    I noticed your thread in CJU.

    Scumware are programs ... that are offered to end users that change the links in your page (usually with yellow or green hyperlinks for keywords). When a surfer goes to your site, if they have scumware installed, will see diff hyperlinks (yellow and green ones) and if a user clicks on these links you get no commission, If they click on yours ... you do.

    There is a lot of "Hoopla" against CJ because:
    1. CJ's Lisa Riolo was MISQUOTED in a email with Revenews
    2. CJ is not taking an active stance "against" scumware cos ... they don't have to!
    3. Many ppl are angry at CJ cuz they ended the PPC and went to EPC

    I can personally assure you that your decrease in earnings has Nothing to do with CJ (except for a few brief moments when tracking was down). Your earnings as an affiliate of CJ are secure! I trust them and believe in them! Call me a fool if you wish ... but I get my checks like clock work ... and they have only gotten higher and higher since the move to EPC!


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    Also there is the new GATOR, which puts banner ads over yours - so your banners are gone. Or it pops up a lil window, telling you that the XYZ site is better, and you would be better off if you go there.
    Cool, eh? :mad:


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