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    Our product fed is now available. Please log in and take adavantage.
    Our beloved affiliates. Our product feed is now up and running. Sorry for the delay and previous inconveniences, but it is now up and runnnig and fully fuctional. Please log into your shareasale affiliate acount and take advantage.

    Thank you in advance!

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    I always wondered, I'm new to SaS, and I don't know what a datafeed is, or what it is for.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HansZimmer
    I always wondered, I'm new to SaS, and I don't know what a datafeed is, or what it is for.
    A data feed, particularly those available from SAS, is a file that is full of rows of data. The data contains product info, image links, price, etc for different products all from the same merchant.

    This way, you can use the data to have 1,000 products on your website using ASP or PHP or a number of other ways to have web pages based on a database and you update it simply by getting the latest data feed.

    Hope this helps

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    So has anyone been using our product feed yet?

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