I want to forewarn those who are considering promoting the Netscape Internet Service program on Performics.

Netscape recently had a beef with CJ so they moved to Performics about 5 months ago. They have been treating their affiliates poorly in my opinion.

First of all, it took 120 days to get paid for the last two months of Netscape leads owed to affiliates through CJ. I thought... ok they had some problem with CJ and they had to work it out. So I continued to promote the offer.

But now that they are doing the same on Performics... when they moved to Performics the rep at Performics who is over the Netscape program told me that it would be paid out on a net 30 basis (30 days after the end of a given month) but that has not happened. The first few payments were net 45. Then one payment was made net 60. Now the latest payment due it is going on net 90.

I talked to Performics yesterday and they said that they STILL havenít gotten payment from Netscape but they promised it will be paid at the end of the month. Uggggg. I hate to do it cause it converts well but I cant continue to promote this offer when I donít know how many months it will take to get paid.