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Now you shall have it.

As for your issues, especially concerning thousands of your people dying. Sorry to hear of your loss, its a crying shame that innocents are near MILITARY targets. I would expect alot more, how can you say this, INTELLEGENCE from your people. So your response is to go after NON military targets?? That (edited - quiet777) also goes to prove that instead of thinking, you prefer to just destroy, well guess what, you guys just turned that back on yourselves. Would you really think from now on, that you and any followers of such a asinine belief are going to be looked at properly? Since when does any God believe that murder is a just thing to do? Its only "just" in defense. That means as THEY attack you, you had to stop them. What your followers have done is turned MANY nations against you, to the point extermination may be the only way to deal with you. Unfortunatly for you, something like this will probably be the excepted behavior from others. Keep in mind if your people REALLY were all that for justice, you would have attacked MILITARY targets only. You are terrorists because you attack civilian targets cause they are UNARMED & easy targets. (edited - quiet777)

So your people believe that this was a "good" idea......that is just so asinine, I can't fathom how you guys "dreamed" this up. It's just still a shock that you think you found justice in doing it, I guess my ending statement is.

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