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>I can say my best friend over 20 years more than 2/3rd of my life is Muslim.

I encourage that...Unfortunately only 1/3rd of my life has been muslim.

I respect you.I wish all of the people in USA had similar thoughts like you.I will continue to respect you irrespective of the emotional talk going on here.The way you have promoted ABW simply speaks of itself.Beleive me or not ABW is my 3rd favourite site.Affiliate marketing is one of my favorites.I have learned a lot reading posts here at ABW.Especially about ezula scandal.

Please forgive me for my remarks.When you was affected by the WTC attack,your immediate reaction was to bomb Afghanistan & Iraq.Then can't you imagine countless people who are affected by USA-->they can also have the same kind of emotons to bomb out USA.After all they are the exact same kind of people like you.Allmost all of the human beings have more or less same kind of emotions.

Anyhow my sympathies are with you.

@All members of ABW
If my views in the previous post have hearted anyones feelings,I apologize for that.May God bless the victims and their families.I prey for those innocent people...And Cazzie,God Bless you and your familly.

But the point is that USA definitely has extreme problems with its Foreign policy and its attitude towards Muslim & small countries.I believe that these type of events will continue to be triggered causing more innocent people,unless US changes its attitude.Please believe that I am not an extremist,nor racisist.I am a very calm Software Engineer/Theoretical Physicyst & nowadays very busy in formulating Quantum Theory of gravity.I simply donot have time to mess me up in those issues which never get resolved.But when I saw a post by cazzie in which she talked about bombing continuously Iraq & Afghanistan,I got anger & couldnot hold my emotions.Sorry for that.

And no one on this board has answered my question(LPH2001,your answer is irrelevant & is not an answer to my question.See Dynamoo post).My question goes something like this:-

The attack on Towers--->The exact same thing was commited by USA against Afganistan about 2 years ago.After reading your views here at ABW about the WTC event,It seems to
me that your media has been hiding things from you,things which are against the interests of the US.We were exactly in the same situation (2 years ago),what the Newyorkeans were on 11th September,2001.For those of you who donot know about that incident here is a quick recap:-

Two years ago:The US was making attempts to kill Osama bin laden.They somehow got the info that Bin-laden was residing in Kabul.In an attempt to kill one person namely Osama bin laden,US launched a cruise missile attack against whole of Kabul.Now tell me that If you had to kill one person do you have rights to kill all of the city in which that one person is residing.I am sure no one has any rights to that.But the US somehow got those rights,maybe because it is a super power & no one in this world could dare to fight against US(But that has changed since the WTC event).So in an attempt to kill one person(Osama bin laden),the US ended up in killing thousands of INNOCENT people who were sleeping peacefully at the time of attack & who obviosly had no connection with bin laden.And best of all bin laden escaped that attack...

My question was who gave The US the right to do such kind of inhuman things.

Imagine that there is a terrorist in Newyork.But does this mere fact gives someone the right to destroy whole of Newyork,hoping that that one terrorist will be killed in that attack.Offcourse no.But US just did that with Kabul.

Please note that My views about US are not based on one or two events like that.My views and thinking about US are based on decades of experience with US policies and its actions against
other countries.There are countless other examples.

The US president says that he will find those responsible for the WTC event.Then I think he should find himself,Bill Clinton & other precedessors.Because the only thing which was responsible for the WTC event was the actions of Bush,Clinton & the American policies.This implies that these American policies should be jailed AND Bush & Clinton should voluntarily jail themselves.(LOL)...


>As I know USA is a friend of many Muslim nations and peoples. Just to name a few, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Turkey, Egypt etc. If they were murdering the Muslims, they would have been bombing those countries too, right!?

Simply wrong.It has been MATHEMATICALLY & AXIOMATICALLY been proved that USA is not a friend of Muslims.It has been prooved that it is simply against the interests of US to be a friend of Muslims.Regarding the bombing of MUSLIM countries.Do you think that a super power can be so foolish to openly bomb those countries.But it keeps on doing things which are logically EQUIVALENT to bombing of Muslim countries.

>Why don't you mention the 100s of innocent Israeli that get killed every day by Palestinians.

You need to do research on PALESTINE-Israel issue as it seems that you donot have the factual knowledge of this issue.

>By that time my friend, you have a great chance to be dead.

Are you God who knows who will be dead and who will be alive.Did you know in advance ,who would be dead in WTC event.By the way,I donot fear death because everybody in this world has to face that reality someday or other.

And regarding the happenings in you country,I donot have any knowledge of that.But these type of people donot represent Muslims.They are just in minorities and due to which other real muslims get blamed.

Your answer is irrelevant.See above for my question.

And the kind of people you are quoting,the one who bathed your uncle etc,dont deserve to be called human-beings.They definitely dont represent muslims.

>For all that do not know what a JIHAD is, it is when muslims kill all non belivers of their religion and it is called a "holy war". They believe that anyone that dies in the name of Allah or his work will go to heaven.

You must be punished for making a stupid definition of one of holy phenomenons of Muslims.I suggest going to some library & reading some recognized book,what JIHAD is.

Thanks god ,someone recognizes that there is a fatal flaw in America's foreign policy.I respect your views.

But I donot agree that people were begging for help when the Russians rolled into Afghanistan or when the Iraqis threatened the Persian Gulf.The US just helped because it was in the greatest strategic interest of US.The correct phrase would be:Afghanistanis & bin-laden helped US to wipe out the worlds second super power:USSR.

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Hoping that this world become a better place to live.And all terrorism be eradicated.But also hoping that people will get the ability to distinguish between what is terrorism AND what is the consequence of NEWTONS 3rd Law(Every action has a reaction).